Accounting Firm / Audit Firms


Like any other country that has made its mark in economic and financial prosperity, Malaysia also takes its businesses very seriously and ensures that everything happens by the book. It does not only help improve the business environment, but it also makes Malaysia secure for foreign investments.

Due to these reasons, each business has to hire external accounting audit firms to conduct their audit and ensure that there are no discrepancies in their financial reporting. The audit reports are then sent to the Companies Commission Malaysia (CCM).

Both Accounting and Audit firms must be registered with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) and hold a valid practicing certificate in order to practice in public and for practicing auditing in Malaysia it is compulsory to have the auditing license approved by the Ministry of Finance.

Ha & Co. is among the top accounting audit firms in Malaysia, being an active member of CCM and approved for auditing by the Ministry of Finance.

Our Auditing Services:

Even though auditing is a requirement in Malaysia for every company regardless of its size, operation level, and operational period, there could be different objectives to get an audit completed.

Ha & Co. offers a one-stop solution for its clients and provides the following auditing services:


  1. Statutory Audits:

The aim of a statutory audit is to get the financial statements and company accounts verified by an independent auditor and report to all the shareholders and members of the company.

A statutory audit ensures no discrepancies in the financial reporting, and everything is compliant with the statements and guidelines. It helps promote transparency in business and ensures that the company does not run into any unwanted situation.

If our auditors notice any flaws or discrepancies in your documents, they will assess the situation and make suggestions to help you resolve them.


  1. Internal Audit:

Like statutory audits, an internal audit also helps ensure transparency and compliance with the guidelines, but it also has its own distinct characteristics.

An internal audit from Ha & Co. will give you insights regarding the ground performance of your company after analyzing various factors. It aims to provide the Board of Directors/ business owners with valuable information for effective decision-making.

It will also help you identify existing issues and foresee the upcoming challenges so you can establish better strategies for risk management and mitigation.


  1. Forensic Accounting:

Our forensic accounting often comes in handy when there is a lack of transparency in a company and internal auditing shows flaws.

Forensic accounting and auditing are aimed at critically evaluating a company's accounts and detecting any fraud, stealing, misstatement, and discrepancies in financial reporting.

Our experts find evidence of frauds or mistakes and prepare them in a way that they can be presented in court in case you want to initiate any legal proceeding.

Our experts are experienced and have an in-depth understanding of such matters. They are extremely careful with their evaluations and findings. They can also testify as a third party if necessary and state their neutral and fact-based findings in the audit.


  1. Cooperative Audit:

The cooperative audit is a special purpose audit. It has a pre-agreed specified set of deliverables and a unique approach to evaluating things. Because of its nature and purpose, audit firms require additional permission and approval from the Ministry of Finance for conducting a cooperative audit.

The aim of this type of audit is to ensure that no suspicious activities are happening in the business. Such as audit also ensures that the cooperative complies with all the required guidelines and regulations.

Ha & Co. is among those few accounting audit firms that the Ministry approves of Finance to handle such audits.